Magyia fashionable, high quality sunglasses are always following the latest fashion trends. We know the importance of having high fashion sunglasses to complement your impeccable fashion style. We provide you with a multitude of styles of sunglasses and you can turn any of our optical frames into sunglasses with only 15 euros. If you want your sunglasses polarized, no problem, we will make it happen for you without breaking the bank either. Or, alternatively you can also have prescription sunglasses according to your individual needs.

At Magyia our principle is to never overcharge you and that is why you might even say we deliver you cheap sunglasses, although we prefer to say affordable as our glasses always come with high quality. Our sunglasses start from 39,90 and even the most expensive ones don't cost you more than 60 euros and all that is due to us cutting all the middle men and delivering the glasses to you directly from our factories. Also, we prefer you to have two to three of your favorite sunglasses at home and have money tucked away rather than having one pair of branded frames. The choice is yours if you want to overpay, or join our mission to democratize fashionable eyewear for everyone!