About Magyia

Magyia started with a simple discussion at a friend’s afternoon party: "Why are high quality, fashionable eyewear and quality lenses so expensive and inaccessible for everyone?". This really puzzled us, and we are sure it has been the same for you as well.

After talking to our families and many of our friends, studying the existing market and how the industry works, we decided to find a way to make high quality, fashionable eyewear accessible to the masses, just like has already been done in other areas of fashion.  

When we started to work on our idea, we wanted to make sure that you can access our products without hurting your wallet. So, we decided to find the best factories and directly work with them, so that you get your money’s worth! We want you to customize the product to your specific needs and send your favorite frames & lenses directly to your home.

At Magyia, we only want to focus on making you happy by creating the most fashionable, high quality eyewear designed & delivered to your home at an affordable price.