Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where are my frames and lenses produced ?

All our products are currently manufactured in Asia where about 90% of the world’s eyewear is being produced.

For us this was a natural choice as the continent has extensive knowledge of the production of eyewear products and our MAGYIA founders have been working & traveling in this region and creating an extensive network of local partners and factories for the past 15 years.

Where is Magyia based ?
MAGYIA was created and is headquartered in Hong Kong SAR. This is the place where the founders met and have developed the idea of building a brand of fashionable, high quality eyewear while maintaining low price to ensure you are satisfied with your order.

What types of lenses do you provide ?
At MAGYIA we are working with certified factories in order to provide you with high quality lenses. We are offering a wide range of options such as single or progressive visions, tinted, photochromic or polarized lenses. All our lenses go through quality control before they are assembled and shipped out.

How do you deliver the products ?
Our goal is always to provide you the best prices possible, thus we are shipping your glasses directly from the assembly factory to your doorstep in order to avoid any expensive middlemen.

How long is the delivery time ?
Once we have confirmed your order, usually it takes between 4-6 working days to produce your lenses depending on your prescription and additional options. Usually you will receive your MAGYIA eyewear directly at your home within 3 weeks from your order.

Do I need to pay additional taxes ?
All taxes and custom duties are included in our prices. MAGYIA pays all the European Union taxes before delivering your glasses. You will not have to pay any additional taxes !

Do I need to pay VAT ?
MAGYIA is registered as European Union VAT payer and we pay VAT in each country within the EU, based on the country of delivery. You do not need to worry about paying your respective VAT, we have already taken care of that.