Our Concept


At Magyia we truly believe in equality, and we want you to be able to be fashionable without having to pay a premium price just because certain companies have (almost) created a monopoly in the eyewear industry. We want to make sure that everyone can afford to buy fashionable high-quality eyewear; just as easily as you can now afford to buy high quality products across industries. We are tired of hearing people saying they want new glasses but can’t afford them. We want to bring this to an end, because high quality eyewear was never meant to be expensive as the production cost of it has never been expensive in the first place. Democracy begins with alternatives and finally there is an alternative that benefits you the most!  


sunglasses unisex transparent acetate frame


We genuinely believe that you have the freedom to decide which frame suits you the best. At Magyia, all our frames are unisex as we are convinced that the frames should not be limited by traditional views of genders and each one of you should be free to choose the frames you love the most! That is why you also have an option to choose whichever lens you want for every frame. Choose what you love the most and we will make it happen for you, just like it should be! 



Whether it is for our optical lenses or our frames, we produce, assemble and ship your glasses directly from our factories to your doorstep. Contrary to popular belief, producing eyewear need not be very expensive and it doesn't have to be a monopoly of some well-established corporations anymore. That is why we are on a mission to democratize the eyewear industry!   

Thanks to our long work and living experience in Asia, we have been able to find the best factories to work with and this is why we can provide you with high quality lenses that you can optimize for your specific needs, whether it is single vision or progressive lenses you look for, together with trendy, high quality frames designed & curated for you by our designers.  



How many times did you start to buy something that looked cheap in the beginning but ended up costing and arm and a leg? How many times did your package get stuck at the customs and you needed to pay additional tax? 

It is not once or twice that this has happened to most of us and trust me, we know that you hate it! That is why we wanted to make sure that you will never be unpleasantly surprised. We have made sure that all our prices are fixed; there will not be an extra cost at any step. Our frames have a fixed cost, just as our lenses. No complicated options for our lenses that 5-fold the price at later steps; all the prices are fixed. We have also made sure that we pay the custom fees and VAT so you can rest assured that the price you see is the price you pay. No surprises!