Our Concept


At Magyia we truly believe in equality and we want you to be able to be fashionable without having to pay a premium price because certain companies have created (almost) a monopoly in the eyewear industry. We want to democratize the eyewear industry for you, just like George Eastman brought roll film into the mainstream ; just like Zara did in the fashion industry not too long ago and just like we will do the same for the eyewear industry right now! 


We truly believe that you have the freedom to decide which frame suits you the best. At Magyia, all our frames are unisex as we are convinced that both optical frames for women, sunglasses frames for women, optical frames for men or sunglasses frames for men don't need to be limited by gender and everyone should be free to choose the frames they love the most! 
You will be amazed by browsing our collections and seeing that what was considered as female prescription glasses before, are fitting our friends Tony and James perfectly. And vice versa; the frames that were traditionally considered as male frames were well suited for Anna and Sophie! 
Our designers are working hard to build the best collections for high quality, fashionable and affordable eyewear and we always keep an eye out on the coming trends to be relevant to you.


Whether it is for our optical lenses or our frames, we produce, assemble and ship your glasses directly from our factories to your doorstep. Unlike the common belief, producing eyewear must not be very expensive and it doesn't have to be a monopoly of some well-established corporations anymore. That is why we are on a mission to democratize the eyewear industry!  
Thanks to our long experience in Asia we have been able to find the best factories to work with and this is why we can provide you with high quality lenses that you can optimize for your specific needs, whether it is single vision or progressive lenses you look for, together with trendy, high quality frames for both women and men designed & curated by our designers. 


When we design and assemble our glasses, we do it the way we would for our friends and family. When we offer lenses with blue light filters, we want to give you the comfort for your eyes that you can comfortably work on your computer or browse your phone & tablet. We want to give you the best comfort possible, so we have tested the frames and lenses with our family members and friends so that we know, whatever we offer you will be great for you.
We have the same principle when it comes to taxes; we don't want you to worry about that at all! So many of our friends have been disappointed when they buy something online and are suddenly hit with hidden taxes, have to do customs clearances that take time to sort out by themselves and finally end up paying a much higher cost for their products than they had originally intended. So we have ensured we follow all rules and regulations and we pay all the taxes beforehand so you won't face any extra cost; no extra VAT, no customs clearances, no hidden costs!
In the unlikely scenario, if you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team through the contact form and we have a dedicated, real person to contact you and sort out any problems. Sometimes it is even our CEO who takes on the job to make sure you remain a happy, returning customer !