Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I really buy glasses online?  

This is a question we get a lot. People have the impression that somehow you cannot order glasses online. It is the same impression that we used to have about buying clothes online, ordering food online or buying a new washing machine online vs. going to the physical stores.  

When you buy online, you only need to think of 2 main parameters;  

Prescription; As long as you have a valid prescription then you can either enter it yourself or send it to us and we will make your glasses accordingly. If you are missing something, we will get back to you in no time  

Size; Your current glasses have the size written inside of the arm and all you need to do is to check that you have the same size, just like you do with your clothing. In the size you only have 3 numbers, so it is not complicated at all. And the best thing is, you can always ask us for help, and we will guide you through every step of the way. 


Magyia is an online business so is it even a genuine business? 

Some people still doubt that companies who are fully online based would somehow not be real companies. But trust us, we are a real company with real founders and real staff.  

We are registered originally in Hong Kong, where the idea came to life. This is where our headquarters is currently located. 

We are registered in the EU to pay all customs duties and taxes, including VAT.  

We eventually want to open our own showrooms so we can meet you face to face. So, rest assured, we are real and fully compliant with all the rules, regulations, and laws in every country that we operate in.  


How can we tailor your lenses without meeting you face to face? 

Many customers ask how we can make the lenses tailored to their needs when we do not even meet face to face. Mostly the questions circle around progressive lenses but we believe the principle is the same for all lenses.  

Contrary to what you have been told, making lenses is not rocket science. The local optical shop does it the same way as we do; they send the prescription to a lenses factory. The factory worker inputs the prescription into a machine that automatically makes the lenses according to your prescription. So, in the end there is no difference in the process no matter which company does it. The only difference is that we have removed all the intermediaries and have produced many more lenses due to our wider reach (we do cover the whole European Union after all) and that is why our lenses are so much cheaper.  

Another question we receive is where are our lenses made? Well, 95% of all eyewear products including lenses are produced in Asia and we are no exception, considering we are based in Hong Kong and all of us having over 10 years of experience in Asia.  


Does Magyia have a physical store? 

For now, we only have our online store to keep our costs down. Once we grow more, we do want to come closer to you and open our showrooms for you to try the frames. In the meantime, our customer service team is more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.  


The prices are unbelievably cheap at Magyia. How do you manage to maintain high quality?  

This old belief is awfully hard to shake off. We think that for so long, the prices have been extremely high that so many people believe that unless you pay 400-800 euros, the glasses are of bad quality. But of course, that is not the case. If you really think about it, the eyewear industry is the last one to reduce the prices. In almost every other industry you can find high quality at an affordable price if you just avoid the high-end brands.  

If you really think about the frames and their cost structure it is not very complicated as they are mostly made of acetate. Acetate is similar to plastic but made from plant-based products such as wood pulp and cotton and is thus a better-quality material that is used due to its durability, flexibility, strength and hypoallergenic qualities. But as fancy as it sounds, it is still a simple product that does not cost a lot to produce. The material is pressed into a mold and thus the components of the frames are made and tied together with metal hinges; it is not so complicated after all, is it? So why should you pay 200 euros just for the frames when it costs 10 euros to produce?  

The lenses manufacturing is also made to sound like it is something very complicated with different numbers, abbreviations and so on just to confuse you. All you need to know is that we use high quality material that is light, strong and clear, and is very suitable for even high-power lenses. It is adapted to your prescription in a fully automated machine and in the end is a simple process. So just like with the frames, why should any lens cost any more than 50 euros even for the progressive ones? Of course, they really should not but if one company has 85% market share in the eyewear industry, it is quite easy to keep the prices high for them to make great profits...  


Delivery process, delivery time and delivery fee?  

The delivery process is simple. As soon as the product has been tailor made according to your needs, we give it to our logistics partners who in turn will bring it directly to your home. This usually takes around 2-3 weeks; 4-6 working days to produce the glasses and then the rest will be shipping and last mile delivery.  

Why is there a delivery cost? Well, unfortunately nothing in life is free. We do have to pay our logistics partner for the shipping and with rising transportation costs it would be extremely hard to give it out for free. And if you really think about it, was shipping ever really free? Because if the shipping is free, then the cost of the shipping has been built in the price of the product. So, we prefer to keep our pricing transparent, and you can trust us, there is really no profit for us in the shipping.  

Taxes, customs duties, and VAT? Do I have to worry about that?  

You really do not have to worry about that at all. As we mentioned above, we are registered in the EU, and we deal with customs and taxes, and we pay them in advance, so you do not have to worry about that. No package has ever been stuck at customs and none of our customers has ever had to pay additional taxes. The price that you see on our website is the price you pay and there you can see the VAT as a separate item, so you know for sure that taxes are covered.